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Senior Sex: Sexuality has No Age Limit

seniorsexualitycounsellingWhile human sexuality is recognised as a vital impetus, it is sadly too often misunderstood, and particularly in regards to older people, ignored. There is a common misconception that when people get to a certain age they just suddenly become a-sexual. People over fifty are erroneously perceived as non-sexual beings who have lost both their interest in sexual activity and their ability to engage in sexual behaviours. The assumption that seniors have no desire for sexual intimacy and are unable to physically perform is a fallacy. While physiological issues induced by age can often create challenges to a person’s sexual life, an internal drive for sexual fulfilment still remains. The ability to be able to continue being sexually active throughout their lives and well into their senior years is of quintessential importance for the majority of older people.

Senior Sex Sexier Than Sex in Your Youth

American “senior sexpert” Joan Price who is author of the book ‘Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex’ believes that sex can actually improve with age as people who are older are more liberated and relaxed about their sexuality, having learned over the years what they like and are more confident about communicating it. US celebrity psychologist Dr Dorree Lynn, who wrote the book ‘Sex for Grownups: Dr. Dorree Reveals the Truth, Lies and Must-Tries for Great Sex After 50’ advocates that people can be sexier at aged fifty or sixty than eighteen because they understand themselves so much more than when they were younger.

The Benefits of Senior Sex

Mature love certainly has its upsides. The transition from biologically-driven sexual urges to intimacy-driven sexual urges makes sex for seniors satisfying on a much deeper level. Mature aged people have more of a tendency to perceive sexuality as a platform to express affection, passion, love, loyalty and appreciation of life as opposed to merely a sexual release or a means for relaxation or recreation. There are also innumerable health benefits of sex for older people. Sexual activity allows the older man or woman to affirm their physiological functioning, enabling them to uphold a strong sense of personal identity, promote self-confidence and alleviate anxiety. Research suggests that men over fifty who orgasm at least four times a week are less likely to develop prostate problems. And, for the ladies, due to the wonderful release of endorphins after sexual activity, women who are sexually active in their later years tend to appear more youthful than those who are not.

Appreciating and Respecting Senior Sex

Despite the fact that we live in an ageist society where sex appeal is equated with youth and vitality, sexuality and sexual activity has no age limit. It is time that the entire community starts to not only acknowledge the reality that older people are still thinking about, wanting and having sex well into their golden years, but also appreciate the beauty of mature aged love and the unique intimacy that it represents.

At MY COUNSELLING SERVICE, we understand how important it is for older Australians to feel they will receive counselling support from respectful and non-judgemental therapists who are not only advocates for senior sex, but have a vast knowledge or male and female senior sexual functioning.

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