Self Help

At MY COUNSELLING SERVICE AUSTRALIA we know how important it is for people to receive the immediate resources and help they need to deal with whatever they are going through.

These resources were created by MY COUNSELLING SERVICE AUSTRALIA with the loving intention of helping you to experience a beautiful and meaningful life. Within each resource you will find practical exercises that you can start on straight away. Please read the recommendations below to ensure you get the most out of these activities. (Keep a Self-Discovery Journal so you can reflect and express freely, and monitor your wonderful progress throughout this journey.) 


Be Specific and Authentic

When answering the reflective questions, make sure that you give yourself specific and honest answers. The more detailed and specific, the more impact this will have on your actions toward changing and bettering yourself and your life. The more authentic you are in your answers, the more you will learn about yourself.

Accept Yourself Lovingly and Without Judgement

When exploring these questions with yourself, be accepting, non-judgemental and kind to yourself. Your answers are private and only between you and yourself.

Let It Flow

You may find yourself answering “I don’t know” to some of the questions you ask yourself. If this happens, start by saying, “Maybe it is because…”, or “My intuition tells me it is because……”. This will allow you to continue to let your responses flow freely.

Tell the Truth

While telling the truth may require courage at times, it is important to be honest with yourself in your answers. Facing fears and dealing with answers about ourselves may seem scary and challenging, but through self-acceptance we will be able to learn, grow and improve ourselves and our lives.

Possible Challenges or Resistance You May Experience During The Exercises:

  1. Unwillingness to make time for yourself- Even if you lead a very busy lifestyle, it is essential that you take the time to reconnect with your sexual self as it will heavily improve the satisfaction of your relationships and your everyday life.
  2. Too painful or emotionally exhausting– Examining and assessing our sexual selves and the lives we are living can be a confronting experience for some of us, as we may realise that we are not doing the things that we really want to; not with the partner we really want to be with, or not being the person we truly are. It may also force us to deal with our past mistakes or limitations, or make a difficult decision.

…..The good news is that self-awareness and empowerment are skills. And just like learning any new action, it gets easier when you are consistent in practicing it. Taking a short amount of time out of your daily schedule is all you will need to embark upon your journey of self-exploration.


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