Latest Events

At MY COUNSELLING SERVICE AUSTRALIA being able to coordinate community events and projects which celebrate culture, people and creative expression means a great deal to us. We do this for free and of our own time and initiative, because it’s fun and we want to. We are extremely passionate about supporting the community and social and political activism, and we place high value on making a community contribution through our active involvement in and coordination of local, national and global events.


Empowerment Counsellor Miya Yamanouchi at the Save Womens Refuges Rally in Sydney, June 2015


I’m Khristie Leigh: Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31st)


Stop the Deaths Now (Save Womens’ Refuges) Rally

Moment To Be Me Online Art Exhibiton (Mens Health Week Event)

‘Deadly Expression’ National Online Art Gallery for NAIDOC Week July 5th-12th

International Nelson Mandela Day (18th of July 2015)

World Gratitude Day Project (21st September 2015)