What Lessons Has Your Past Been Trying To Tell You?

It’s hard writing about yourself in the present , looking back , reflecting, I guess.

Makes you take stock of both the positive and the negatives… you see mistakes made, but also how you have moved forward, and the hundreds of different versions of yourself you have been…good and bad.
In this reflection I asked myself “what are the alternative versions of me trying to say , what are the lessons learnt ?” 
How can my story become a catalyst for yours?
As an aspiring musician and actor trying to avoid “real work” for as long as possible , I came quite late to music, as footy, basketball and athletics were my number one priorities in my teen years…..Before I knew it, what started as just messing around with some songs, turned into putting on concerts with fireworks and strippers, and trying to land a record deal.

Cisco Rose 2011- The Song Ate Me Ep Era

….Safe to say we had no idea what we were doing or what we had, but as one producer said,  “You guys got somethang”….Long story short, after many false starts, wrong turns, and major fuck up’s, we signed with Sony/Roadshow and the star took off….

…You know that fearless enthusiasm of youth , we had it , we gave no fucks before that was even a saying  (I’m talking way before hashtags).

….And like many stars, we didn’t go forever, but we burned hard and bright, even if it was just for a second…..

I wish I had appreciated it a little more while it was happening, kept that burning fire of youth because once labels and business got involved, I guess I wasn’t living in the moment any more, and that is all we have.

I would go on to play in another band which endured as many, or even more ups and downs along the journey…that all in all, I would never trade. Why? Because pain and struggle adds value, adds worth. It’s because of this, that “The Scissor File” is the best musical project I ever had a part in. It’s what we went through.


As they say, ‘boys will be boys’, and the experiences, lessons and friendships made and broken within that time definitely shaped me; right or wrong, I would not be the bloke I am now today, without those times, so I am eternally grateful. When the group finished it was almost a gift, a gift to become a better person something that at the time, would be incomprehensible. (Oh to be wise.)

Melbourne Bayside born and bred, it wasn’t until late that I ventured OS, first to America and then 2 years later, on a wild trip to Europe.

These trips, especially Europe, watered a seed within my mind that there must be more to life than: work a job you hate, to pay for things you can’t afford, and working everyday for the weekend or a once-a-year-holiday…what’s outside the “White Picket Fence” or the ” Great Aussie Dream”, I wondered…..is there anything? …Is there another path out there? -Some say life is easy, but for me, it didn’t seem that simple or clear cut….I had a need to bust out, to find my lane. -I guess, learn to be…me.


Brock Downey 2001-2004

In my pursuit to be a rockstar, I had the ultimate job of working at JB HI-FI . I started when I was a kid, and while I did do a couple of courses (Personal Trainer, Youth Counsellor), more than ten years later, sans the rockstar part, I was still there. -Yeah it’s a cruisy enough job (cool cats, tunes, tech and hot chicks), which may sound all right, yeah , but as I looked around, I knew that I was in a hole, a rut, and unless I got out, all the dreams and aspirations I had, would stay just that.

Lets Get Drastic!!!

One day, I came home from the pub after a few too many cold ones, and jumped onto Seek.

“Relocate to Vanuatu” Retail Store Manager Wanted.

I thought to myself, “Sounds interesting enough, that’s up my ally”, but it was also a challenge and well out of my comfort zone, being in an entirely different country!!!

So I applied and thought nothing of it.

…Three months later, I was set up on the island of Efate, living in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Sometimes you just gotta jump and trust that the universe and its strong arms will be there to catch you.


Vanuatu 2014 on a Round The Island trip handing out Footballs to the communities. -One of the greatest days of my life.

Not to glaze over Vanuatu, but it’s a whole other story for another time.
It was an epic battle between the bloke I was and the bloke I wanted to become… a transition time, if you will.

One of my closest friends said it wasn’t the final destination but the bridge to the next journey, and maaaan, was she right.

And what did I learn from Vanuatu, apart from Kava and Booze Don’t Mix? …Somethings you can’t plan for. A cyclone could come tomorrow and blow us all away , better start living your life TODAY as YOU want it , as it could be your last.


….After Cyclone Pam I had to return to Australia after becoming redundant. -Many factors made this bitter sweet, and at one stage, I tried to stay, but the timing was off.

I spent the next month visiting and staying with family in Brisbane and Rockhampton before heading back to Melbourne.

It was less than twenty-four hours back in Melbourne before I was slipping into my old ways , this wasn’t the plan…I spent the next 2 weeks sweating on ideas and roads to my next journey, and it wasn’t until I looked to my heart for answers, that my brain came to the party with some solutions.

I asked myself ,
” What’s the alternative ? ” 
“What’s the alternative to what’s not working for me and my dreams, right now?
(It’s a great question to ask.)

‘I want to help people, I want to share, I want to learn, I want to grow, I want to love’.

….Could I do this in Melbourne right now ???

Let’s Get Drastic !!

Melbourne is my home, but removing myself from the “same ol”, getting uncomfortable, and moving up north to study, train, write and grow, regardless of my time, is already proving to be a step in the right direction.

And as I look in the rear view mirror, I started to ponder, who will I be next>
I can’t wait.
….What lessons has your past been trying to tell you?


Talk Soon,
Cisco Rose.


 ciscoroseCisco Rose is a musician, artist, speaker, writer, French student and personal trainer with killer abs and an attitude to match. Cisco is passionate about ‘real talk’ and helping people to achieve their goals, and does not believe in excuses or self pity. Cisco has recently moved back to Australia after residing in Port Vila, Vanuatu, and is ready to take on the world, sharing his unrestrained and uncensored messages of courage and perseverance to whoever has the guts to listen and take it in. One of his signature sayings is: “Do you want to be bitter, or do you want to be better?” 

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