Unsolicited Dick Pics: What Do women Really Think About Receiving Them?

Men of the world, we need to talk.

You know those pictures you send us of your erect penis in the hope that it might get you laid? Well we hate them. They make us feel uncomfortable, pressured and objectified; especially when they are unsolicited.


Sydney conceptual artist and self-professed feminist ally Jesse Willesee posted this Instgram picture in July with the caption: ”To all the little homies, girls don’t want your unsolicted dick pics”.

According to a recent Match.com survey, receiving a sexual photo from a male is one of the biggest turn offs for a woman, with over 45% of women receiving sexts from online sources such as Tinder, Snapchat and even dating websites.

Men are extremely visual creatures and are turned on by naughty or sexy photos. They send photos of their penises for this reason; they think women are visual too. Women on the other hand prefer to make more of an emotional connection with their potential partner and a dick pic tends to be a last priority for most women.

Doctor Helen Fisher, an American Human Behaviour Researcher puts it down to the process of evolution;

If a man can see a woman’s body, he “can know some very basic things about age, health and, unconsciously, her ability to raise young,” she said. “Women [historically] needed someone who could rear their mate and provide. They needed a good hunter and they still do… It’s sort of elegant the way the brain doesn’t change.”

no-dick-pics-Another reason men might send a dick pic is to massage their sexual confidence. They might feel as though they have ticked all the boxes for a particular woman and feel as though sending a dick pic will help to eliminate any awkward situations in the bedroom if they are considered not up to standard. For some it is a power play. Others it is an expression of masculinity. But more often than not, it is not appreciated by the female receiving it.

Let’s get real for two seconds and look at the legal implications. A sext is considered a crime if either of the participants are underage or if it involves harassing behaviour. If sexting occurs under the age of 18 in Australia, it can be classed as child pornography and penalties can include jail time and sex offender registration.

Harmless dick pic?

Put it this way guys, you wouldn’t get whip your junk out and wave it around in public as that would be considered unsolicited sexual behaviour. The virtual world should be treated with just the same respect. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying never send a picture of your penis again, but make sure the recipient is comfortable with receiving it first.


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