The Great Aussie Catch Up: What are We Really Catching Up For ?

The Catch Up.

A Great Aussie Tradition.

catchup2A coffee or two, a few beers, a few wines , a chance to ” catch Up ” and have a chin wag with your family and friends.

…But what are we really catching up for ?
When does the ” Catch up ” turn into a negative experience , full of one-way conversations , bitching , moaning and an epic game of Hot potato? ….A back and forth of how hard it is , back stabbing, he-said-she-said, and a million and one other excuses of why your life is not where you want it to be.
Sit at any cafe and just observe , you will be surprised by the amount of one-way, negative, life sucking “conversations” going on
complainingI’ll admit it , I’ve done it. But we need a shift.
It’s a fine line, sure it’s OK to hash out life’s ups and downs with those close to you, but what’s the cause and effect of this ? -When is it producing a negative effect for you, and all involved ?
….Don’t worry, I got you covered.
Below is a Quick Cheat Sheet if you will, to know  when it’s time to take a “break ” from the “Catch Up”:

It’s Exhausting

Ever left a Catch Up feeling like you’ve just run a Marathon , or went 12 rounds in the ring with Ronda Rousey ?
Yes , well that’s someone draining you, of all your energies , throwing the hot potato in your lap and letting it burn.  It takes a lot to support , listen , problem-solve and wade through your own problems, let alone someone else’s.
As humans we like to see progress; it inspires us , gives us something to work towards , gives us that extra step forward. -So when it’s the same conversation with no progress , no plan and no action just a Pity Party , it’s bloody exhausting.
Speaking of……..

Pity Party’s. 

We have all held one or been invited, there is no denying it, but just quietly, these party’s suck and help NO ONE.
Crying about how hard you got it never got anyone results.
pitypartyYeah, right now might blow , but guess what? You ain’t the only one, somewhere, someone has been through and conquered worse.
Sure, sometimes you gotta let off some steam , and vent a little; (we are all guilty of that) but this is life! …Shit comes flying at you and you have to deal with it, that’s what defines you: how you deal with it.
….Do you want to be the person that continues to blame others , your circumstances and every other outside factor, while poisoning your family and friends with your negative attitude?
OR, do you want to be the person that despite their setbacks , short falls and circumstances, gets on with it and inspires their family and friends with their determination , heart and persistence ?
…I don’t know about you but I have never been inspired at a pity party. Have you ??

Watch Your Surroundings and the Company You Keep.

When I came back home from a year and a half stint living in Vanuatu , to say I was lost was an understatement! …..Having to return home as a direct result of Cyclone Pam, I felt like I had had the carpet pulled from beneath me. ….Coupled with the fact that I had just met the most inspiring and beautiful woman of my life, I must say I was a fragile bird…..In returning to Melbourne I fell right back into the same  ol’ patterns I was in before I left;  I still had all my goals in tact (and I wasn’t off the rails so to speak), but I ain’t going for just ‘good’, I want great.
Confident-Man….Now I understand not everyone can just split O.S or in this case to Central Queensland at the drop of a hat, but I knew I had to improve my surroundings for me and my goals right now.
Sometimes our Woes, Squad, Crew and Fam aren’t the best environments to grow , and not always for reasons relating to them, sometimes you just gotta know your weaknesses and eliminate certain situations.
Align yourself with people who are already doing it, or who are heading in a similar direction as you. (This won’t be hard, as like attracts like), but it’s another reason to be aware of the company you keep and your surroundings.
My Friend Nathan put it to me like this:  “you want people who , if you were to say, ‘let’s climb this mountain together’, would say, ‘ yeah OK let’s do it; not people who would say: ‘but it’s too hard’,  or ‘let’s go the easy way around’.” …Someone on your wave length who can see what you see and push you positively.
(I could be paraphrasing, but you get the picture.)


If you’re having the same negative conversations , self loathing get-togethers, reality show bitch sessions and continue to enable yourself and others with this kind of behaviour,  you in turn will see the same results.
…..So next time you’re heading to a get together , party or function ,
think to yourself:
What are we really catching up for?
Talk Soon,
Cisco Rose 


 ciscoroseCisco Rose is a musician, artist, speaker, writer, French student and personal trainer with killer abs and an attitude to match. Cisco is passionate about ‘real talk’ and helping people to achieve their goals, and does not believe in excuses or self pity. Cisco has recently moved back to Australia after residing in Port Vila, Vanuatu, and is ready to take on the world, sharing his unrestrained and uncensored messages of courage and perseverance to whoever has the guts to listen and take it in. One of his signature sayings is: “Do you want to be bitter, or do you want to be better?” 

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