Pre Game For Getting “Fit” Fast

So you want to get fit and you want it fast. (Damn, this almost makes me cringe but you’re not the only one.)
The idea that you can do a couple of crunches , hit the gym a couple of times and within 2 weeks you transform into Channing Tatum , or Jessica Alba is madness, but this is the world we live in.
We are an instant society; our food is fast, our Internet is fast, our lives are fast  (‘Don’t bore us; get to the chorus’) , so why the fuck do we want to work hard and value anything? We want to be fit and we want it now !!!
I get it , I am not immune:  I want to be fluent in French (yesterday!) , but it just don’t work like that , and the same goes for fitness.
sixpack…So in saying all that,  I have put together somewhat of a check-list , a Pre Game if you will, that won’t make you look like your Latest Man or Girl Crush in 2 Weeks, but if followed, will give you an Improved Balanced Plan of Attack to achieve YOUR goals as fast as YOU can.
Let’s Go !

1) Drink More Water (It’s Time to Become Best Friends with The Bottle, in a Good Way).

This sounds so basic , but it’s astounding how this is still over looked.

It’s the old story, I am sure you have heard , your body is made up of 60% water blah, blah, blah,  (yeah we know), but what does this mean for me getting fit & healthy and pulling chicks at the bar ?
Cool , I’m glad you asked.
water1First off, it aids detoxification in the kidneys , ridding your body of the bad stuff and regulating your metabolism to do what it’s meant to do:  burn fat;  it energises your muscles, in turn, keeping you hydrated , less tired and keeps those concentration levels up for whatever activity you are doing.
Drinking more water will help with cravings or over eating as well, as it makes you feel full; it keeps your skin clear, like you’re the “After” in a Clearasil commercial; and, the sexiest of all, it helps maintain bowel function which, (besides being beneficial to avoiding irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation , chronic diarrhoea and even cancer) it facilitates with weight loss ( If that’s your Goal ).
….There are many opinions floating around about how much to drink, (2-3LTRs is a good goal), but if you’re a glass a day kinda guy, maybe start small and go from there , gauge it for yourself and listen to your body.
And, it’s time to pass on the Soft Drinks ( I don’t care if it’s no sugar , Zero or whatever other crap they say ) and become best friends with the bottle , in a good way.

2) Got Goals ?? Without Defined Goals and Steps, We’re All Just Fucking Around. 

Got your attention ? Good , OK, follow Me.

If I asked you to meet me at the Basketball Courts , and all I  told you was the name of the place , not the directions how to get there , how, would you get there?
…You’d enter it into your GPS or ask someone, right ? The outcome of your direction-seeking would result in you being given small steps to reach your desired destination: our goal of hitting the courts, with ya Boi, Cisco.
….So why, when relating to fitness or heath, do so many people NOT have a detailed direction plan to arrive at their goal?  -Because it’s putting responsibility on someone who has relinquished responsibility for their health, a long time ago, and a detailed plan would be highlighting what is NOT getting done.
So,  how to set a Goal?
….Lets get Deep.
“I want to Loss Weight”
(OK, great why ? )
“Because I  want to be healthy”
(Sounds good ,  but what is the reason you want to be healthy?)
” I dunno… cause I  want to look better, feel better about myself “
(Perfect and losing weight will do that ? )
“Yeah well, I want to be able to play with my kids and not just be the Dad sitting down on the bench because I am out of breath; but be up and having fun with them ….my dad could never do that, so I don’t want to be like that for my kids, I want to be there for them “
fitBAM ! Goal and deepest reason SET!
Now, aim at small steps to chip away at. And  if you don’t know the best way, ask someone else , its been done before and will be done again.
Not only have you set a Goal for yourself but you’re doing it for someone else also  (we tend to give up when pushed, but when a deeper reason or person is involved we find that extra step to keep going.)

3) Be Consistent , ‘Sometimes’ is for Suckers.

Doing something once , every now and then or sometimes is a waste of time.
You are better off doing nothing at all and dedicating that time to another task.
” Oh I ate good today ”  or  ” I went to the gym last week ” , does NOT mean anything if it’s only sometimes.
-To find progress, you have to be consistent in your approach and  let nothing and no-one stop you from carrying out your task.
“But life gets in the way ” -yep, well done , it does for everyone , you’re not special – if you want it bad enough you WILL find a way.
No one cares about your excuses , I’m sorry but they don’t , tell me the last time excuses got you anything positive ?
Never, right? Didn’t think so.
…..Start small , don’t try and hit it for 6 your first go , if you have not been active in a while start with walking around the block , or doing a small workout at home ( there are thousands online ) just be consistent !
Chipping away each day will almost look like you’re doing nothing , this is why you have to fall in love with the process ( in this case working out, exercise, eating right ) this way you will not be thinking about the end goal but enjoying knowing today you got a little bit better and a little bit closer to your goal.

4) Nutrition

Man this is always tough and one I  struggle with also , not in application but with philosophy. I try to follow a simple guideline and be open to try new things and see what works for me and what does not.
There is so much conflicting information out about nutrition , weight loss , super foods and the million fad diets out there , that it’s hard to know what’s right , what’s wrong , and where to start.
nutrition…So, just Keep it simple and in moderation. -You’re an adult , listen to your body. If something makes you tired , or gives you stomach cramps , maybe stop eating that.
You want food that will give you energy to carry out your tasks for the day.
You know what’s bad for you ( if not, click here this will get you started )
Just keep it simple.
Discover a couple of meals that you like and go from there , make changes , get creative.
Stay away from over doing it on stimulants ( Coffee etc )
and remember that fat is not the enemy , sugar is ! So cut your added sugar intake down and see the benefits.

It’s not about dieting, my advice is to make lasting food changes for life and be consistent with them.

5) Just Get Moving

As mentioned before, everyone wants it and wants it now , the reason so many give up is because the above steps are not in place and results are too slow for most , no one wants to wait.
This ain’t fast food fitness , its going to take time.  How long ? This will depend on many factors; that’s why putting a specific time frame on ‘ Fit ” is unrealistic.
Best thing is to do is just START, start right now , start yesterday , just get moving.
It does not have to be at the gym, go for a walk , swim , ride , start a home workout area in your shed , look up the million different routines online , just make a start and be consistent.
You will get a feel of working out again , or on a more consistent basis.  If you are more advanced, take it to the next level , go to the Gym , get a PT , start taking names ! You’re ready, Nike and Shia Labeouf said it best , ” Just Do it !!!”
We are all Stronger than we think , don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t do it , including yourself. -You Can !
…I can’t promise that you will be doing shirtless selfies next week but if you do the above, you will be a little bit closer and better than yesterday.
Talk Soon,
Peace, CR


 ciscoroseCisco Rose is a musician, artist, speaker, writer, French student and personal trainer with killer abs and an attitude to match. Cisco is passionate about ‘real talk’ and helping people to achieve their goals, and does not believe in excuses or self pity. Cisco has recently moved back to Australia after residing in Port Vila, Vanuatu, and is ready to take on the world, sharing his unrestrained and uncensored messages of courage and perseverance to whoever has the guts to listen and take it in. One of his signature sayings is: “Do you want to be bitter, or do you want to be better?” 

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