Sex Worker Friendly Counselling Service Australia-wide

Sex workers are ‘normal’ women: mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends and wives, from all cultural and religious backgrounds. They are savvy businesswoman brilliantly equipped with skills in marketing, promotions, business development and customer relationship management. …..Unfortunately, the media has cast sex workers in a stereotypically negative light for decades, and historically, mainstream society has always condemned women who exchange sexual services for money. As a result of this, sex workers and partners of sex workers are stigmatised, even in 2015 Australia, where in most states sex work is considered a legitimate profession.

MY COUNSELLING SERVICE provides sex worker friendly counselling over the phone for people across Australia needing to talk to someone about their involvement in the sex industry. Both sex workers and partners of sex workers use MY COUNSELLING SERVICE to receive the non-judgemental support they need to discuss and explore the issues they are experiencing.

At MY COUNSELLING SERVICE, we understand how important it is for our clients who are involved in the sex industry as sex workers, adult entertainers or partners of sex workers and partners of adult entertainers to rest assured they will be receiving counselling support from respectful and non-judgemental therapists who are pro-sex work and pro-adult entertainment and advocates for sex work and the sex industry.

MY COUNSELLING SERVICE welcomes all clients who are involved in the sex industry, including sex workers, adult entertainers, and partners of sex workers and partners of adult entertainers.